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    How Do You Know If It’s Time To Walk Away From A Toxic Relationship?

    There is an old metaphor from the Philippines called the ‘crab mentality’ that helps me understand the motivations behind crappy human behavior. You have a barrel full of live crabs, some of which can easily escape, and the ones who try escaping get pulled back down by the other crabs with the mindset of ‘if I can’t have it, neither can you’. This is a perfect metaphor to describe human behavior that is particularly useful in spotting toxic friendships, family relationships, romantic relationships, and working relationships. It describes the feelings and actions that others may take when someone else is experiencing success; they seek to ‘pull them down’ out of…

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    Who Knew That Making Mom Friends Would Be So Hard?

    I’ve always been the type of girl that never lacked in the ‘girl friends’ category. I had always found that making friends with women was effortless and deemed myself a ‘girl’s girl’ a very long time ago. Sure, I had lost some friends or cut friends out of my life for various reasons,┬ábut overall I never lacked or struggled in the friend category; until I became a mom. I knew that motherhood would present it’s own challenges, but I was never prepared for the complete change in dynamic that would occur when it came to courting and maintaining friendships. I compare having mom friends as an adult to playing chess…

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    Living With Anxiety & Depression: The Difficulty Of Friendship and The Secrets To Making Them Last.

    Making friends is easy when you’re fun, kind and welcoming, but keeping them, however, is an entirely different story, especially if you suffer from anxiety and depression. As a woman who has dealt with mental health issues for as long as I can remember, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will have to live with a lot of acquaintances. Even though I wish that weren’t the case, it’s where my life lessons have brought me. I’m sure some people from my past may believe I’m awful because I couldn’t live up to certain expectations or I came off cold more times than I would like, and that’s…

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