• Sim Hede posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    MAC Alpha Omega Industrial Sales Inc. is founded on the principle of Quality, Quick Delivery and Affordable Price. MAC ALPHA OMEGA SPECIALIZES ON: Wire Rope, Wire Rope Sling, Chain, Lifting Chain, Lifting Belt, Shackles, Elevator Cable, Chain Block, Lever Block, Electric Hoist, Electric Winch, Portalift, Porta Lift, Turnbuckles, Polyethylene Sheet, Vapor Barrier Membrane, Damp Proofing Film, Hanging Bridge, Anchor, Anchor Chain, Kenter, Hooks, Beam Clamps, Horizontal Clamps, Stainless Chains and Cables, Burlap Curing Cloth, Jute Cloth Manila, Quezon City, Philippines. vapor barrier

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