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September 2020

About Sam & Amber

A little about Sam & Amber,

Sam and Amber began their friendship all the way back in 6th grade and have remained best friends ever since. We’ve been through the awkward middle school stages, high school drama, boyfriends, and everything in between. We decided to join the Navy together as this would be our ticket out of Alaska and a chance at creating new lives for ourselves. We were both stationed in Virginia and had many, many good times while we were young, single Navy sailors. We, unfortunately, had to go our separate ways as the military commitments forced us to part. However, even though we have spent years separated by miles, our friendship and connection have never skipped a beat.

We both have a true love and deep respect for one another and have always compared our relationship to that of twins; this especially proved true during our adult years as we realized that we both operated on the same level of ‘crazy’. We both battle depression, have crippling anxiety, addiction issues, family issues, and unresolved childhood trauma. Through spirituality and deep-self work, we were able to take preventative measures to combat it and took a proactive approach to keeping our mental health in check. One thing we have been able to do is to reach out to each other and lift the other up when our mental health was down, which is what we want to do for you! 

Sam is the mother of two young children- Hudson and Avery. For years Sam struggled with maintaining a healthy mental state due to a wide variety of environmental factors such as a an unhealthy marriage and unresolved childhood trauma.   She began taking anti-depressants as a way to cope with the never-ending external stress which only amplified her problems by having to deal with terrible side effects rather than getting to the root cause of the issues. Once Sam became empowered to heal herself- she got off of the medication, became very active in the gym, and used spirituality and self-help as a means to find better coping mechanisms. Throughout all of the challenges that Sam has faced in her life, she has always maintained a positive attitude and is the first to lend a hand to a friend. This deep desire to be of service led to the creation of Mommaslay–where Sam and Amber could share their experiences and insight to help other moms out there struggling with mental health.

Amber is the mother of a beautiful daughter and married to an amazing man who has remained a pillar throughout her self-love journey. She began to realize as an early adult that her struggles with depression and anxiety were tied to her attempts to avoid her innermost self. Using drugs and alcohol to silence her inner voice and avoid hurtful issues she found herself in situations that only caused further pain. It wasn’t until a point where her neglect had led her to sabotage her career, mind, body, and soul as well important relationships that she realized enough was enough. She made the choice to take control of her life and has worked endlessly since to live a life dedicated to health, happiness, and self-love using self-help tools, complementary alternative medicine, spirituality, physical activity, and honesty. In doing this she was able to fall in love with her renaissance man and have the healthy family dynamic she had always dreamt of, has surrounded herself with healthy relationships, can be a supportive and loving voice for others, tackle obstacles that before seemed impossible, and look to the future with optimism.

Now we want to share with you our advice, tips, and insight as to how to improve your life by building confidence, learning ways to take care of your mental health, improve relationships, and become the best version of you! Once you start doing the internal work that is necessary for personal growth, you will watch your life change before your eyes.

Think about who needs you to slay it?

You owe it to yourself, your children, and to the world to be the best version of yourself!

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