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May 2019
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Sometimes taking a break is exactly what you need…

You may have noticed, Amber and I have taken a hiatus from posting on the blog and keeping up with our social media accounts. This isn’t because we don’t appreciate each and every one of our readers, or that we don’t love writing on the blog- it’s because we both came to a point in life where posting was becoming more of an obligation rather than an organic occurrence. You see, Amber and I both live extremely busy lives and the amount of time, energy, and effort to put out something that isn’t complete shit can be taxing on someone who has a full time, has young kids at home, significant others, and a household to run. We both began to feel overwhelmed and a little over committed; so we decided to take a break.

One of the main points we reiterate here at mommaslay is to always put your mental health first, even if that means pushing your hobbies, side hustles, and goals to the right so you can focus your energy on your top priorities. For me personally, feeling like I had to get a post published in a certain timeframe took the authenticity out of it. Instead of a post flowing from my fingertips, I began to have to rack my brain and began to get to a place where my posts were half assed because they weren’t coming from the most genuine place. After careful consideration and because I don’t want to write crap just to put something out there- we decided it was best for all of us to take a little break with the promise to pick it back up again when the energy felt right.

A lot has changed for me since I last posted: I have a career that is both challenging and rewarding, I have continued to put my mental health first, the kids are doing excellent, and life is overall good. To be quite honest, I am in the best emotional place I have been in years and it feels so damn good. Some major life changes occurred for me (I will get into that in another post), and now I have found myself pulled to start writing on the blog again. So now that the time and energy is right, I hope you all will pick back up where you left off with us!

I want you to take this opportunity and examine an area in your own life where you are overdue for a break. Is there a commitment or obligation that is draining too much of your time and energy? Does said commitment that was once fun now feel forced and mentally draining? Then perhaps it is time to put it on hold and put your mental health first! I just had a conversation the other day with a woman about this very topic- she was stressed about having to race back to the school after her son’s practice to follow through on her commitment with the PTA. She then proceeded to tell me the laundry list of outside obligations that she has going on and my head began to spin on her behalf. As moms, there can be an overwhelming amount of pressure to do it all and with a smile on your face. I highly suggested that she take a break from one of her many commitments. She said that she has been on the fence about it because she doesn’t want to let anyone down (sound familiar?). I told her exactly what I told myself and all of you- always put your mental health first because if you have overcommitted to something and it is now draining you, how can you be the best version of yourself when you are giving so much of your time and energy away?

Remember: it’s okay to say no. It is okay to let someone else handle a task. It is ok to take a break from something you love so you can reprioritize your time and energy.

For me personally, committing to writing several times a month started stressing me out more than it was bringing me joy and fulfillment. My new approach is this: screw the timelines. When I feel compelled to write and the energy is effortless, I will write. If it doesn’t then I won’t- end of story. So the moral of the story is that sometimes taking a break is exactly what you need to recharge, reset, and reprioritize your life. I will leave you all with this though- if you are looking for a sign as to whether or not you need to take a break from something, this is it!

On another note, my life has been absolute rollercoaster over the last year and I can’t wait to share the good, the bad, and the ugly with you! You see, sometimes taking a break can give you enough content to last the next couple of years haha! I love you all and I can’t wait to start reaching out to you #mommaslayers again! STAY TUNED!

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