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    What To Eat When Something (i.e. anxiety, stress, trauma, etc.) Is Eating At You

    In my early twenties, at a point in my life when I didn’t know which way was up and I was mistreating myself if every sense of the word,  I began to feel this deep-seated pain in my stomach that I had no control over. Every morning my stomach was replaced by this weight, and when I thought about eating, it made me sick. Water and coffee typically carried me through until the evening when I’d force myself, force myself, to eat. I knew I needed something and I wanted to eat, I couldn’t enjoy the food around me as I had before; it was as if my brain was…

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    Keeping Your Mind & Body Healthy Throughout the Holidays

    It’s getting to be that time of year ladies- it is mid October and I have already been partaking in the seasonal splurge. I mean, how can you go into Trader Joe’s and not snag a box or three of their seasonal cookies or a pumpkin chai loaf? With so many temptations around us and the onset of the holidays, resisting the urge hasn’t been something that I have been putting effort in, and boy and I starting to feel it. Not only do I feel sluggish from the intake of too many treats and junk, but my midsection is feeling bloated and large, yikes! But most importantly- I feel crabby and…

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    Get Your Priorities Straight, Sister!

    Time has to be one of the most widely used excuses ever. We use it to get out of doing something, to push projects to the side, and we use it to justify the things we say and do. Being a working mom with an active duty husband who is frequently gone, the time excuse isn’t really an excuse, it’s a part of my life. I used to find myself constantly apologizing for the crunched schedule that is my life, but why should I? Everyone who knows me, knows that my cup-runneth-over. to put it lightly. Between not getting home until 5:00 pm, to cooking dinner, cleaning the house, trying to…

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