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August 2018
Healthy Lifestyle,  Mental Health,  Productivity

Find Your Motivation With The Five-Second Rule

This morning I woke up at 4:13 A.M. excited, motivated, and determined. No snooze. No need for a second alarm. No huffing or puffing. I jumped out of bed naturally to my newly purchased ringtone that played one of NASA’s rockets launching into space, got dressed, and made my way to the gym while my husband and daughter slept silently, all as if it was nothing like I had been doing it for years.

“Start before you’re ready. Don’t prepare, begin.” -Mel Robbins

If I took you back two months, two weeks, even just two days ago, you wouldn’t see someone who looked or acted that motivated. NOPE, but you bet your ass I wanted to be. If you knew to look past my sham of a smile and slight wins that took every ounce of energy that I had, you would see a total mess full of guilt, sadness, and exhaustion. You would see a woman that couldn’t stop crying. You would see a woman that would toss and turn until 4:00 A.M. staring at the television because she couldn’t keep her self-criticism at bay long enough to fall asleep peacefully. You definitely wouldn’t see a woman waking up before the crack of dawn so she could run off to the gym.

Just two days ago I was falling apart. I wanted to stop, but no matter how hard I fought in my mind, I couldn’t move. I didn’t know how to flip the switch.

So what changed?

Mel Robbin’s woke me the heck up.

“I was the problem and in five seconds, I could push myself and become the solution.” -Mel Robbins

I watched a video that turned every ounce of guilt, criticism, and fear into understanding, self-belief, and empowerment. I realized that I could effectively change my habits in a matter of seconds, and that is what lit a fire under my ass. Her words launched me into what’s honestly feeling like a life-changing direction.

I watched Mel Robbin’s TED Talk interview where she discusses the Five-Second Rule, and it was as if she was speaking directly to me. I was so tired of failing before I even started, but my anxiety had a choke hold on me. My desire to live was being silenced by my brains instinct to survive.

According to Mel, we are naturally terrified of doing anything that makes us uncomfortable or what we’ve convinced ourselves could potentially be bad for us. If it causes us to hesitate, even for the slightest moment, our brain wakes up and takes note. It wants to stop us from doing that again because it thinks it could potentially harm us.

Well if you’re like me, filled to the brim with anxiety most of the time -that pretty much sums up everything in life as I know it. No wonder I have been crippled lately. No wonder it’s almost impossible for me to stay motivated for longer than a few months before slipping back into another low. No wonder I have been repeating this cycle for as long as I can remember not understanding why.

Our subconscious wants us to live as long as possible; our cells are quietly ganging up on that part of us that is desiring more -more risk, more strength, more passion, more opportunity, more DOING. Our brain thinks it’s keeping us safe when in reality it is harming our well-being. It is causing more anxiety, more stress, more doubt, more pain.

We’ve been getting mixed signals for so long, but now we have a chance, the responsibility, to stop that signal in its tracks.

”Anytime there’s something you know you should do, but you feel uncertain, afraid, or overwhelmed…just take control by counting backwards 5- 4- 3- 2- 1. That’ll quiet your mind. Then, move when you get to “1.” Counting” -Mel Robbins

She’s right, everything worth doing in this life takes strength, courage, willpower, and a whole lot of chance. When we’re passionate about something more often than not, there’s a part of you that is anxious or even terrified. Now, cue that self-sabotaging brain signal. If you don’t act on an idea, speak up, or move in five-seconds or less the chances are that you will talk yourself out of whatever it is you want to do.


It’s pretty shitty that our brains are naturally wired to hold us back. Silly instincts. Yea, for sure it’s what’s kept us alive for what, 200,000 years? In times when we were fighting for our lives every second of every day but do we need to worry about every decision? Especially the choices that we know will benefit us?!

It’s time to train our brain to stress less and for us to follow our gut instincts more.

Do me a favor, more importantly, do yourself a favor, and watch Mel Robbin’s interview below. I promise if you’re looking for something that will motivate you to get your butt moving in the right direction, this is it!







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