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    Find Your Motivation With The Five-Second Rule

    This morning I woke up at 4:13 A.M. excited, motivated, and determined. No snooze. No need for a second alarm. No huffing or puffing. I jumped out of bed naturally to my newly purchased ringtone that played one of NASA’s rockets launching into space, got dressed, and made my way to the gym while my husband and daughter slept silently, all as if it was nothing like I had been doing it for years. “Start before you’re ready. Don’t prepare, begin.” -Mel Robbins If I took you back two months, two weeks, even just two days ago, you wouldn’t see someone who looked or acted that motivated. NOPE, but you…

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    Sorry, Not Sorry.

    For those who are ready to let the judgements, insecurities, the weight of whatever holds them back, finally go. If this speaks to you -find a quiet place where you can be alone and continue while you read out loud.  I’m sorry, not sorry… I get that there’s a chance -a very likely possibility- that some may not understand me. They don’t know why I’ve made certain decisions in my life. They may not know why I process thoughts, handle situations, or react the way I do. They, you, may not even recognize me. That I am a creative mess. That I’m a mess in general. That I am a…

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    5 Steps to Reset After You Have Lost Your $h!t

    If there is one thing that every mother on earth has in common with other moms it is that we have all lost our shit a few times. Yes- we also have many other things in common despite our differences, but we all unconditionally love our children, we all want them to be happy and healthy, and our love runs so deep that we would be willing to sacrifice our life for our child if it came down to it. Not to beat the point to death, but we all love our children deeply, but sometimes they can be downright little jerks and when you add that onto an already…

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