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July 2018
Mommaslayer Spotlight

What Is A Mommaslayer?

What is a Mommaslayer? Well simply put, a Mommaslayer is someone who is slaying life’s journey as a woman and mother!


Does this mean you are free of burdens, mental health struggles, doubts, or imperfections? Quite the opposite!! We want to hear from women who are succeeding (by their own definition) in spite of their struggles. Could this be you or someone you know? Let us know!


Everyone has a unique journey, and we want to know more about yours because we believe TOGETHER we can inspire, grow, and overcome.


Have you struggled with your mental health?

Do you strive every single day to better yourself?

Have you succeeded in life despite less than favorable circumstances?

Are you refusing to let your past define you?

Do you want to share how you’ve grown so that you may inspire a mother looking for guidance?

Are you SLAYING it?

Do you want to share your story?

If so, then the Mommaslayer Spotlight is for you!


We want to give you or someone you know a platform to which they can share their story and inspire others.


Do you want to nominate someone you know, or even yourself, for a Mommaslay Spotlight? Email us at with your nomination! Don’t forget to give us a short description of your/their story. 






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