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March 2018
Self Care

How 1 Skin Care Brand Changed My Life & My Mind About Direct Sales Forever

My name is Sam and I am a beauty & skincare product addict. I am a salesman’s dream client. Any average salesman could tell me about the latest and greatest beauty, skincare, hair, or health product and I was sold. If I could add up the amount of money I have spent on these types of products over the last ten years, I could probably buy a brand new car, in cash. I would see stars with beauty products to the point that I wouldn’t even consider the possibility that these products may not work or perhaps are a waste of money. I remember when Amber and I graduated Navy boot camp, we had hideous Navy-issued bob cuts that were not complimentary to our faces and needless to say, we weren’t loving it. We went to the mall one day and got lassoed in by one of those persistent and charming salesman selling clip in hair extensions. He sat us in his chair, worked his magic with the extensions and his curling iron, and next thing you know, we were swooned and walked out of there spending $800-each- on these extensions. Little did we know, it was going to take an act of God to get the extensions to look the way the salesman was able to get them to look and before too long, those extensions were on the floor of our barracks room in a scrambled rat nest. I still miss that $800. My point is that yes, I have spent thousands on products over the years that I regretted primarily because I never saw real results. The before and after photos that you see are usually photo-shopped with the company’s logo branded on the image. Before and after photos from real people would help sway my vote when it came to purchasing products. Example, I purchased the Fascia Blaster because I saw dozens of real client’s before and after photos and I myself, became another happy client. Real client photos were always something that spoke to me because I could see unbiased proof of their real results.

Why am I so obsessed with products? Some may call it vanity, but I call it self-fucking-care. The idea of ending another long day filled with kids, work, stress, errands, and gymnastics practice with a nice mud mask, hot shower, good quality lotion, and a night serum and evening cream that actually works, is my idea of a good night. I was, and still am a sucker for anything that comes in a regimen and used to religiously purchase Clinique’s line of skin care. To be completely honest with you, I never really noticed a difference, I just convinced myself I did because after all, I was spending a decent amount of money on these products, they’re probably working right? In my early 20’s I didn’t really notice the need for skincare at all. My pores were small, my skin was tight (thanks chubby cheeks) and I didn’t have any noticeable sun damage or fine lines/wrinkles. Fast forward until I turned 25. I had gone through two pregnancies and really committed myself to getting in the best possible shape for my frame. I started Crossfit and still to this day, am obsessed! However, getting in shape for a girl like me who has always had chubby cheeks, my cheeks began to gradually thin. Not something to complain about, right? I loved how my ‘new’ face looked as I could finally see my jaw line and cheek bones and my confidence shot through the roof. The photos I would see of myself looked so much more grown up now that I lost my baby fat, dinner plate face. I was stoked about my newly slim face, however, when I smiled, the wreckage from the rapid facial fat loss was instantly visible. My skin looked saggy around my jowl area and you could simply tell I had lost a lot of fat in my cheeks. The first time I noticed this, I was literally startled and instantly began googling ways I could fix this. I began researching what creams were the best rated for firming up the skin on the lower half of my face. For the next few years, I was on a seemingly never-ending quest to find a miracle cream that was going to solve my problem. I knew that if I didn’t start taking serious care of my skin now, I was going to age faster than the bananas I just purchased.

Switching the subject for a brief moment, I will make my point I promise, stay with me! If you are anything like me, I used to be a total direct sales snob. Not only would I judge questionable business models, but I would get instantly annoyed with the dozens of private messages I would receive from random acquaintances trying to convince me to not only buy their products, but to become a rep too! Like thousands of other women, I straight up refused any and all offers to become apart of a direct sales company, until I stumbled upon Rodan & Fields. Little did I know, one of the most genuine souls that I am honored to call a ‘sister’ was a consultant for a company that I had not heard of yet, Rodan & Fields. You may have heard the name before as they are the creators of ProActive and these products used to be sold in Nordstrom before they pulled out and went to direct sales. I trusted Andrea and thought that if she is a consultant, there HAS to be something super special about these products. I used the Solution Tool tab on her website to reveal what products were going to work best for me, which turned out to be the Redefine regimen. I ordered the products because the before and after photos I saw on Google had me convinced and I was willing to give it a try, and let’s be honest- the 60 day money back guarantee made the purchase a no-brainer. After using the product just for a couple weeks, I noticed a huge difference; my pores looked smaller, my face looked tighter, and I had a very vibrant glow on my skin. I was hooked and became a regular customer for the next few years. I found another product that they launched that literally changed my life: the AMP MD roller (you can buy these two items in a bundle, HERE). This product helped tighten the skin on my cheeks and jawline, as well as reduced the fine lines on my forehead. Little did I know, this roller also worked wonders on that glorious sagging skin under my belly button that I was left with after having two giant babies! I used this product on my sad, stretched out skin and it worked an absolute miracle! Yes, this is ME and MY results after using this product twice a week for 2 months! 

In addition to the Redefine Regimen & the AMP MD roller, I also had to hop on board and buy the Lash Boost. I have always had decently long lashes, but they were not thick. Again, before and after photos do not lie and after seeing many amazing results, I purchased this product for myself. I used this every night for 8 weeks and here are my incredible results. Top photo is no mascara, bottom photo is 8 weeks of Lash Boost and mascara.


After being a loyal customer who talked non-stop about these products and sent many customers to my dear friend Andrea, I decided recently that I was going to become a consultant myself. I swore off direct sales years ago, but I figured I may as well jump on board because I was buying so many products that I may as well get a discount, amiright? I didn’t do it for the money, I didn’t do it to harass my network and guilt my relatives into buying, I did it because I believe in the products as they have been life-changing for myself and my husband (my husband uses the Reverse regimen for sun spots/damage)! I love this company and their growth speaks for itself, after all, they did $1 Billion in sales in 2016 and they are the #1 Premium Skin Care brand in the United States. I have yet to meet an R&F consultant who was pushy or annoying, they have all been kind, knowledgeable, and simply trying to help people feel confident in their skin. These products work, if you are skeptical please Google Rodan and Fields before and after photos and prepare to browse the image library for days. To give a quick summary of their main regimens, they have Redefine for loss of firmness, as well as pore and line reduction. The Reverse regimen is to correct discoloration, sun spots, and to help even skin tone. The Unblemish regimen helps combat serious acne and the Soothe line is for sensitive skin & redness. The Lash Boost, the Multi-Function Eye Cream, the Sunless Tanner, and Acute Care are all some of my other favorite products.

At last, my quest for products that actually work has finally come to a very happy ending, thank you Andrea and obviously Dr. Rodan & Dr. Fields. I will be amongst hundreds of thousands of satisfied and loyal R&F customers for the rest of my life, you can say I have found the 1 (brand that is). Disclaimer, if you decide to purchase any products from the links in this article, I will receive a commission. Friends help friends take care of their skin. Perhaps you may be the next believer, I sure am!

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