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February 2018
Mental Health,  Motherhood,  Productivity,  Self Care

7 Habits of High Performance Moms

Ever find yourself wondering how some moms are able to perform at such high levels? They appear successful, have a seemingly happy life, and are motivated and energetic. This super-mom can be something to be envious of when we are going through a rough patch in life and sometimes when we get into a funk we don’t think clearly and don’t know how to get out of it. Speaking from personal experience, below are the seven habits of high performance moms that I know to be true in my own life. Being a highly successful mom comes in many forms–from the executive mother to the stay at home with 5 kids, from the stepmom to the single mom–successful women in these roles have similar things in common. These habits that high performing mothers have are the best route to get you slaying motherhood in no time.

If you’re a high performing mom, you can be seen  kicking butt in whatever area that is specific to you.  Your mental health is in check, you take care of yourself first, you have a great perspective on life, you have high energy, and are very disciplined. When you do have an off-day, you are resilient and able to pick up where you left off without an issue. Incorporating these habits into your daily life until they become automatic keeps you so energized that you are able to completely rock motherhood on top of the other roles us women have in life. Having a full cup is the best way to be able to give to others and to be of service.  This mommaslay mentality is truly a way of life and we want to share the habits of highly successful moms with you!




1- Takes Care of Herself First. Takes much deserved self-care daily and in many forms. Taking care of  your body and mental health is essential for maintaining the stamina that being a super mom requires. Mother’s herself in a way.

2-Optimistic Perspective- Is able to roll with the punches and can quickly go to plan B, C, and so on when necessary.

3-Is a Rational Thinker. Is capable of remaining calm and thinking rationally during activating events. Recognizes when they are being triggered or their energy is off and takes steps to maintain control of self during those times. Responds and behaves in a way that is in alignment with their goals.

4- Is Prepared and Organized. Environment is set up for easy transitioning and success (morning routine, bedtime routine, etc). They knock out a couple chores each day to prevent them from piling up. They set themselves up for success by planning ahead and they are great with time management.

5- They Say NO. They say no to things they don’t want to do  and are selfish with their time and energy. They conserve their energy for the things that matter most to them. They put a great amount of effort into the relationships and commitments that they are passionate about. Doesn’t get guilt tripped easily, sets boundaries, and stands up for herself.

6- They Double-Down on Their Strengths.  They don’t focus on their weaknesses. They don’t compare themselves with any other woman or mom. They use their weaknesses as a tool for growth and double down on their strengths. This shift in mindset is a game changer.

7-They are Disciplined.. They are laser focused on what they want and work very hard to complete what they set out to do. They don’t do excuses and don’t find themselves in relationships with people who are full of excuses.

Think about your own life… In what ways can you improve on any of the above? In order to be the best you, it is important to take a look at yourself and find the areas that you can improve upon. Don’t get this confused with focusing on strengths however because areas of improvement can be great measurement tools. Stop focusing on any of your perceived flaws, shortcomings, or weaknesses. Only talk about your strengths. Do this not only with yourself but in many relationships and situations in your life. Talk about the strengths of everything for 30 days and it will become habitual. This shift in mindset can really liberate you from patterns of negative thinking and internal dialogue so give it a try!

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