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January 2018
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5 Reasons Why You Need To Create A Daily Routine.

Something I realized while serving in the military, was that I liked it when someone was bossing me around. The yelling didn’t get to me, it was soothing in a weird, please, don’t destroy me, kind of way. My military girlfriends and I still joke about how amazing it would be to have someone following us around all day, telling us when we were slacking off and demand that we do our daily workout. It could be that I’m an Aries so I appreciated the strong-headedness, I also love a good challenge, but I still wish I had someone like that in my life today. That fairy tale, however, is a thing of the past and now as a mother, I have officially picked up that enforcer title. Sometimes the biggest challenge is bossing myself around, and I would rather not always be the one who has to take charge but let’s be honest here if we stopped the entire world would fall apart. Before I had a strict daily routine, my obsessive-compulsive habits, left unchecked, had me going around in circles. I was running around like a mad woman while trying to complete tasks. If it weren’t for set timers and my beloved planner, rewind four years time, and you’ll see a primitive me crying into a pot of coffee wondering where all my sense had gone. Pssst…the baby took it. Remember after you had your first child and the pediatrician drilled you on how important it was to keep your little on a schedule? How this structure and discipline would provide both you and baby with more rest and less stress. Well, they should have mentioned that if you kept yourself on a strict and separate schedule too, it may have helped your mind from entering that “all hell is breaking loose” phase. It doesn’t matter what stage of motherhood you’re in here’s five reasons why you need to create yourself a daily routine ASAP.

1. It will help you break your bad habits and replace them with good ones.

This bad habit could be unprepared mornings while getting the kids ready for school. Instead of running around in the morning, yelling, trying to get the kids out of the front door in time. Make it a part of your family’s routine to get their clothes picked out and ready for the next day. Have their shoes and backpacks and all necessary gear ready by the front door. Don’t let Sally tell you 5 minutes before the bus comes that she can’t find her winter hat or gloves, get eyes on them the night before. Let the kids help you make their lunches after dinner that way you will all be more likely to remember them in the morning, and you won’t have to give them your latte money. Win! Stop feeling stressed over of all the bad habits you want to change. If you’ve been trying to lose weight but find yourself going to a drive-thru on your lunch break, or eating something quick and more than likely unhealthy instead, planning your meals and prepping them each week will help you stay on track. Not only will the act of routinely preparing your meals help by keeping your eating habits on track, but it will help you save money as well as boost your confidence. Designating a day during the weekend to prep your week’s lunches will eliminate worry and allow you to enjoy that midday break without ending a healthy eating streak. Whatever it is that is happening in your day-to-day that is causing you stress or making you feel guilty and you want to change it, making a routine will help you make it happen. 

2. They’ll give you momentum and help you finish essential tasks.

How awesome would it be to create a daily routine and write it all down then continuously mark off one task after another? Again, your confidence is showing!! That’s the type of instant gratification that I like and it’s completely possible! Not only will completing essential tasks make you feel amazing, but it will help alleviate your stress and anxiety by ending your relationship with procrastination. Dedicate a full hour or two, every day to achieve something that you usually put aside. Like writing the thank-you notes that you’ve forgotten each day this week or month. You can deep clean your oven and refrigerator so that you feel better next time when you open them. Go through your closets and reduce the clutter while making a donation to a charity of your choice. Setting aside time for those tasks will help clear your mind of the things you need to get done, remove the worry that there’s never enough time, and make you feel good. When you create a daily routine, you’ll be surprised by how much you can accomplish and how good you’ll feel doing it.

3. You’ll begin to achieve your goals of self-love and appreciation.

What’s something that you’ve always wanted to do or learn but you keep convincing yourself that you don’t have the time? When you create a daily routine you MAKE the time to practice that skill you’ve been dying to learn. You MAKE the time to work on something that is important to you. Every day you should be using a portion of that time to work towards something you want. Do you want to work out? Learn to play an instrument? Practice meditation so that you can be more relaxed? Appreciate yourself more by caring for your personal needs? Create a routine and make these things a priority even it’s thirty minutes or an hour. You can do this before the day starts or after the kids are in bed if need be. Major goals aren’t meant to be reached immediately, and that’s why you have to work on making self-love a priority and it will come easier when it’s a part of your routine.

4. You’ll realize you can be more efficient and structured.

Seriously, where did all these extra hours come from?! One thing I realized most when I kept to my daily routine was that I had more time to relax, enjoy my family, and play with my daughter. No more waking up and wasting time wondering how the day would unfold, the guesswork had been eliminated. Maintaining a routine will help you keep your house cleaner, the mood lighter, it will prevent your tasks from piling up, and it will give you more confidence because you’re making the time to love yourself more. You’ll wake up already knowing what you have to do and what needs to happen. By the end of the day, you’ll realize there’s nothing left for you to do except grab a glass of wine and do whatever the heck you want. You will want to maintain your routine because it feels great and the rewards will speak for themselves. The structure will eliminate stress, and that energy will transfer to your family, and hopefully, they’ll learn from your example which is another stressor gone. Change can be hard but if you keep up with your routine the rest of the family will want to be a part of whatever it is that’s making you happier. You’ll be able to #MommaSlay every day when you develop a routine.

5. Say goodnight to insomnia and yes to going to bed satisfied.

Can you imagine going to bed without a million things running through your mind? You can catch up on sleep, which will be easy because after a full day of accomplishing tasks you’ll be tired and satisfied with your days work. Procrastination and worry are a thing of the past because you’ve realized how rewarding structure can actually be. You can even catch up on wrestling with your partner between the sheets. I mean it, more than likely your libido is going to be much higher due to lower stress levels. You’ll have an extra boost of confidence from all the self-love you’ve given yourself and that will transfer to the bedroom. When you maintain a routine you’re removing the need to repeatedly go over everything because you have it all planned out already and the confidence to make it happen, allowing you to sleep easy. 

Now create yourself a daily routine and thank yourself after you do.

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